Thursday, June 7, 2018

Blog #11 - Option 2 - Your Year

Due Date: Thursday, June 7
Minimum Word Count: 350 words

This blog option is more open-ended than the other choice. In this blog, please reflect on your growth as a thinker, reader, writer, and speaker by exploring the connections and conclusions you've made throughout this year.

Scroll through your blog. Re-read your first post. What have you see changing about your writing? What ideas did you find most interesting? What things have you been thinking about since we first explored them?

To help get ideas sparked, here are some of the things we've looked at in just one year.

  • What is Truth?
  • Happiness and the American Dream
  • The Stranger and the Meaning of Your Life
  • This is Water - Intelligence as the gift of choosing
  • Creating and posters about topics
  • Non-fiction projects
  • Nature and Science and the quest for beauty and perfection
  • The Good Life
  • Goodness 
  • Leadership
  • Asking Questions
  • Choice
  • Connections
  • Critical Lenses and reading Deeply
  • Autobiographies of Self as Reader
  • Satire
  • Video Projects
  • The Importance of Story
  • Research
  • Experience Points
  • Fallacies 
  • Claim, Evidence, Warrant
  • Discussions and Seminars 
  • Critical writing prompts
  • Ccreative writing prompts
  • Interviews
  • Lead-Transition-Quote articles
  • Julius Caesar, sonnets, and tabeaus
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
  • The Stranger
  • Vonnegut
  • A Good Man is Hard to Find
  • The American Male Age 10
  • Hawthorne, Thoreau, and transcendentalism 
  • Shoe stories
  • and a lot more

Blog #11: Your Nonfiction Project

Due Date: Thursday, June 7
Minimum Word Count: 350 words

Congratulations, friend! You did it.

You've got your nonfiction project complete and you've shared it with the class. You've put in a lot of time, effort, and energy over the past few months, and you've learned something because of it. Now, it's time to share what you've learned.

This blog has two requirements:

  1. Share your project in some way on here. 

    1. Embed your Prezi, Slideshow, or YouTube video.

    2. Upload your podcast to SoundCloud and embed it.

    3. Share your Google Doc with the world and embed or link to it on here. Do something to make your project available to everyone.

  2. Reflect on your project.

If that is enough information for you and you want to take your own spin on this blog, then go for it!

If you still need more, then continue reading.

A good reflection will:

  • An explanation of how you accomplished what you accomplished.

    • What research did you do and what did you learn along the way about your topic as well as the research process.

    • What were your beliefs heading into the project and how did they change throughout your process?

  • What you think went well with your project.

  • What areas for improvement do you see?

    • Beyond "Start earlier", what would you do differently if you were to do this again?

  • What do you hope your audience would take from your project?

  • What are some things you learned that you left out of your project?

  • What are some things you're looking forward to doing with your next research project?